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About us


Integrate ideas, shapes, colors and materials to create and transform unique spaces and images

That identify the character of our clients with the harmony and vanguard

Which we are passionate about, generating creative and functional solutions.



Provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for their design and

Development of interior design and image products.



We offer a complete operation of your project that includes from the design and

Execution of the work until advice and supervision in each one the processes

With personalized attention.



- Concept development

- Space planning

- Selection of materials and furniture

- Custom furniture

- Color Consulting

- Corporate Image Design

Moisés Medina Porras


Native of San Cristobal - Venezuela, this "gocho playense" has 17 years of experience in the field of commercial and residential design, his beginnings were in a government architecture study in Merida - Venezuela where he decided to exert on his own projects Creative and more competitive, from his own firm has participated in numerous projects of commercial level in which he has left the mark of his style between industrial and contemporary as a badge of his creativity, as the residential area has specialized in the remodeling And creation of furniture with authenticity and practicality, if you need to be heard and interpreted by your designer, this guy is your best choice.

Naicel Perez Estrada


Naicel Perez, born in Maracay, Venezuela, is a hotelier by profession and cook of passion, has high knowledge of service and tourism and has worked in several countries such as Spain, Germany and France, which has served as an experience for the operation of restaurants in Which serves as an adviser for our component in design of premises directed to the service area, if you need a polyglot with good ideas, here we present it.